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Philosophy & Goals
The Cinnamon Tree Children’s Center is a developmental based program that strives to provide a nurturing and stimulating environment which allows each child to explore, grow and develop in a manner that most appropriately meets his/her individual needs. It is our role to provide experiences and activities which promote the development of the whole child - social, emotional, physical and cognitive development.




The Cinnamon Tree Children’s Center believes…

  • Every experience is an opportunity to learn. Children must be afforded the opportunity to explore, manipulate and question their environment.
  • No two children are exactly alike. Individuality is to be encouraged and each child must be provided with opportunities to experience success.
  • Children can make decisions. We can help them feel empowered by offering them choices and phrasing questions so that children can make successful decisions.
  • A quality childcare center provides a safe, caring and comfortably environment where each child has the opportunity to form strong, positive relationships with other children as well as adults.
  • Parents are always welcome. Parents play an integral role in a quality child care program. We encourage their participation and input thru a variety of venues.

Cinnamon Tree has programs for children from age 2 months to 13 years old.

Programs include:


Infants - 2 Months- 18 Months
At Cinnamon Tree we know that you are trusting us with your most precious treasure. We understand the seriousness of this trust and strive at all times to provide you with the piece of mind that you deserve. Our infant room is designed to create a warm, home like environment where babies can feel safe, secure and loved. Rooms are divided into areas that, just like home, meet children’s needs to move, explore, play, grow and relax. Personal cribs, separate areas for changing, feeding and play mirror their experiences at home.

Our infant teachers are special individuals. As infant teachers, their role is multi-faceted. They provide warmth and affection, meet the children’s individual care needs and provide each child with the experiences and activities that are appropriate for his/her developmental level. They develop strong bonds with their babies. This bond forms a secure base from which the infant can move out and explore his/her environment. Many of the infant "graduates", now in one of our older classes, will visit the infant class to spent time with their first teacher and reminisce about the “good old days” .

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Toddlers - 18 Months- 3 years old
The toddler years are marked by an explosion of growth as they continue to explore their environment, develop their language, social skills and motor skills. Our toddler rooms are designed to meet the changing needs of this age group. Because an 18 month old is developmentally at a very different level from a child approaching three years old, we break our toddler classes into different age groups. Each group has an age span of no more than 4- 6 months. This grouping allows our toddler teachers to tailor their activities to the developmental level of their group.

The toddler classes are planned to meet the specific needs of this age group. Each room has climbing equipment for large motor activity; quiet spaces for reading, talking with a friend or just recharging; a manipulative area for small motor activities and an art room for messy sensory activities.

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Pre-School / Pre-K - 3 - 4 year olds
Three and four year olds are becoming increasingly self-confident, eager to develop their skills and explore the world. Our teachers work to enhance this self-confidence and love of learning by providing relevant, engaging and meaningful educational activities that help children become problem solvers and self-assured learners. Through independent exploration, structured activities, and hands-on learning our threes and fours develop reading readiness, math, science and social skills. Our curriculum is developed with the New York State Pre-kindergarten Learning Standards in mind - our goal is to make sure the children are ready to hit the ground running for kindergarten.

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Nursery Program
Our nursery shool class provides an option for parents who are looking for a pre-school program but do not need an extended day program. Our nursery program provides the social experiences and readiness activities that your pre-schooler needs within a half day program.

Classes run for three hours a day with a two, three and five day option available depending on the needs of you and your child.

Our nursery class has its own classroom, separate from the all day class. This set up helps to meet the distinct needs of both the nursery and the all day children. As an example, it helps to provide a smooth drop off and pick up time for the chilldren. By separating the classes no child is left worried that their mom hasn't arrived or upset because they wanted to stay longer. This also allows for plenty of time for communication between staff and parents.

Each week is centered around different themes which incorporates kindergarten readiness skills, art projects, stories, songs, computer time and outside play. Guided by teachers, who have a strong background in early childhool education, the children work in small group activities and one on one with the teachers. Throughout the classroom the children learn, play and socialize - othen developing lasting friendships.

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Full Day Kindergarten
Kindergarten is one of the most important and influential experiences a child can have. Our kindergarten curriculum is designed to provide exciting learning opportunities for enthusiastic and curious children at a time in their development when everything is new and exciting. It incorporates goals from the New York State kindergarten standards, and methods and materials used in the local school districts. Our small class size allows us to provide extensive small group and one on one instruction. Children learn through a variety of hands on and structured material. They leave for first grade with a firm foundation and a passion for learning.

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Before and After-School
Even after school's out for the day, children need to be engaged in a comfortable, yet stimulating child care environment. The Cinnamon Tree before and after-school program allows kindergarten and school-age children to balance learning and fun through a variety of experiences.

From homework help to fun physical activities, our after-school program is designed so that everyone goes home happy. We provide the time, the place, and the assistance to ensure your child completes their homework and they are ready for some quality time with their family when they get home. Activities include daily art projects, indoor and outdoor games, cooking and a game room specially equipped for the school age children. At times throughout the year when the schools are closed the schoolers participate in special theme oriented activities.

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